Hello World

My name is Jose Viciana

I am Full Stack Developer

I am specialized in developing mobile, web, desktop and game applications in Unity. I love turning any need into an app that optimizes daily work and makes life easier in general. or just be fun.

I am known for designing apps with a simple interface with the aim of making the user experience as pleasant as possible.


Services I offer based on my knowledge (more than 15 years of experience)


Actualización de apps Android

Native development (Java/Kotlin)


Desarrollo app MacOS

IOS and MacOS development (Swift/Swift UI)


Desarrollo apps con Flutter

Cross-platform development (Dart)


Desarrollo de app Web

Web development (HTML5/Wordpress)


Desarrollo videojuegos Unity

Game Development (C#)

Raspberry PI

Desarrollo apps Raspberry PI

Raspbian and RetroPIE development (Python/Tkinter/SDL2)

My portfolio

Latest projects carried out

I have developed several apps for both clients and my own


Universidad Almería

I currently collaborate with the University of Almeria, with which I have carried out research projects that have been published in Elsevier, the largest publisher of medical books and scientific literature in the world.

Development of a web-based tool to evaluate competences of nursing students through the assessment of their clinical skills


Guess it (SVUAL): An app designed to help nursing students acquire and retain knowledge about basic and advanced life support techniques


Companies I have been lucky enough to collaborate with

Universidad de Almería

University of Almeria

Inelt Multitechnical Service

Inelt Multitechnical Service

Guillem Brocal Studio

Guillem Brocal Estudio

Fundación Trilema

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